“If, sir cabellero, you’re looking for somewhere to stay the night, you’ll find plenty of everything you need here – all except a bed that is, we haven’t got any of those”

Purveyor of Timeless Pleasures

Love you back!

Included as one of the BEST BARS RIGHT NOW, “The drinks are great. The food is even better… “The EDGE goes to: BOTH FOOD AND DRINK in this Belltown find”… Seattle Met

“where the trinity of casual food, drink, and theme translates into a lovely evening out”…..Seattle Weekly

“a pub that’s proving it’s possible to make modest plates, smart cocktails, and a disneyfied concept work for an audience that openly despises everything Disney, save perhaps a few scenes from Fantasia.”…..Seattle Weekly

“they do exactly what they should do, in a basic and satisfying way”…..The Stranger

“what a pleasant surprise it was to stumble onto The Innkeeper, an unpretentious place, with unfussy food”…..Seattle Times

“unpretentious, hardly hip and completely inviting”…..Gayot

“unpretentious with memorable fare – that’s my kind of place”… Shalan G., Elite Yelper

“the laid-back Caribbean vibe pairs nicely with the menu options, such as the Argentinean empanadas and a Cuban pork sandwich” ….Where Magazine