Innkeeper’s green CHILI w flour tortillas (vegan or pork) 5.5/7.5 buy clenbuterol

Padron PEPPERS flash-fried in peanut oil, tossed in sea salt 5.5

Grilled queso fresco (MEXICAN CHEESE) w vegetarian green chili 8.5

House-smoked chicken DRUMETTES w fiery yucatán dipping sauce 9.5

Brown sugar pepper BACON 4.5

Argentine EMPANADAS of savory beef & raisins w chimichuri 9.5

Three QUESADILLAS black bean & corn (or chorizo) 6.5

Chips, salsa & GUACAMOLE 8


POTATO chip-fries w sea salt & rosemary, peanut oil 4.5

TORTILLA chips 2.5

House PICKLES chayote, carrots, jalapeños, cactus 2.5

OYSTERS on the half shell* w cava mignonette each or 1/2 dozen 15.5

CEVICHE* w dorado & octopus, roasted corn & manzano pepper salsa 11

White ANCHOVIES w avocado tomato salsa & fennel salad 12

Chayote jicama SALAD w poblano jalapeño vinaigrette 6.5

Black tiger SHRIMP saucy smoked paprika 13.5

Happy Hour

3 :00 to 6 :00

TECATE lager MX 3 House WINE red and white 5.5 Moscow MULE 5.5 Palm Springs PALOMA 5.5 Vincey rum PUNCH w nutmeg 5.5

OYSTER on the half shell 2 BEEF pincho (meat-on-a-stick) 2 CHIPS & salsa …or black bean DIP 3.5 Hand-smashed PLANTAIN chips 2.5 House PICKLES 1.5

Plates & Bowls

Pulled PORK TACOS w avocado 9.5

Sweet potato & yam TACOS w vegan or pork chili 9.5

Grilled local albacore tuna FISH TACOS w cilantro crema 12

Free range chicken ENCHILADA w grilled tomatillos & ancho chile sauce 12.5

Spicy caribbean GOAT CURRY w pigeon peas & rice traditional bone-in style 15.5

Brazilian slow-roasted CHICKEN THIGH BOWL 14.5

Cabellero CARNE ASADA w melted queso fresco, grilled onions, cactus, avocado, salsa, fried fresno peppers and tortillas 14.5

Green chile CHEESEBURGER* w chip-fries, chili or greens 12.5

Smokey VEGGIEBURGER w chip-fries, chili or greens 10.5 …add bacon 3

CUBAN pork sandwich w chip-fries, chili or greens 12.5

PANZANELLA-STYLE heirloom tomato & persimmon salad mint/curry pesto 8

PORK LOIN CHOP cumin-encrusted, w chocolate mole & coconut rice, chayote 15

Grilled PORTOBELLO or SHRIMP on a bed of kale & quinoa 12.5

Caldo Albondigas de Jalisco MEATBALL SOUP 8


Tres leches CAKE w brandy cherries & whip 7.5

Fiesta SUNDAE horchata, pistachio, & dulce de leche ice cream chocolate ganache 7.5

House Sorbet of the knight 4

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