Happy Hour

4 :00 to 6 :00

Tecate or Corona Lager Mx 3.5
Add A Shot For A Dollar
Wine Red & White  5.5
Moscow Mule  5.5
Paloma Palm Springs  5.5
Vincey Rum Punch w Nutmeg  5.5

Chips & Salsa Free Guacamole 4.5
Beef Flautas & Avocado Cilantro Cream 4.5
Black Bean Dip & Chips  4.5
House Pickles  2.5

Easy Sharing

Black Bean DIP w chips  7
Blistered Padrón PEPPERS  6.5  (peanut oil) *some like to be hot*
Brown Sugar Pepper BACON  5.5
Three QUESADILLAS~ choose black bean & corn or chorizo   7.5
Pomegranate SALAD w arugula, almonds, golden raisins & queso fresco 7.5
….add a skewer of Shrimp 6
GUACAMOLE, Chips & Salsa  9
Potato CHIP-FRIES w sea salt & rosemary (peanut oil) 5.5
Beef FLAUTAS & Avocado Cilantro Cream 7
Housemade PICKLES of chayote, carrots, jalapeños, & cactus  3.5
House-smoked Chicken WINGS w fiery yucatán dipping sauce 10.5
Argentinian EMPANADAS of savory beef & raisins w chimichuri  10.5
Saucy Black Tiger SHRIMP  w smoked paprika  14.5
CHILI Verde w flour tortillas (vegan or pork) 6.5/8.5

Tacos, Sandwiches, & Burritos

Pork TACOS w avocado 10.5
Sweet Potato & Yam TACOS w vegan or pork chili 10.5
Fish TACOS of grilled local albacore tuna w cilantro pesto 13
Green Chile CHEESEBURGER* w chip-fries, chili or greens 13.5
Smokey VEGGIEBURGER w chip-fries, chili or greens 11.5 …add Bacon 4
CUBAN Pork Sandwich w chip-fries, chili or greens 13.5
Tampiquena Steak BURRITO ~ choose fiery tamulado or fresno salsa 13.5
Veggie BURRITO black beans, plantains, avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro 10.5
Grilled Shrimp BURRITO w avocado, mojo criollo, salsa fresca 12
Fresh Uli’s Chorizo BURRITO ~ choose fiery tamulado or fresno salsa  12

Plates & Bowls

Cabellero Carne Asada w melted queso fresco, grilled onions,  cactus, avocado, salsa, fried fresno peppers and tortillas  15.5
Machaca Chicken Enchilada w tomatillos & ancho chile   13.5
Brazilian Chicken Thigh Bowl w fried plantains, pigeon peas & rice  15.5


Tres leches CAKE w brandy cherries & whip 7.5
Fiesta SUNDAE horchata, pistachio, & dulce de leche ice cream chocolate ganache 7.5