Black Bean DIP w chips 8.5
Blistered Padrón PEPPERS 8 (peanut oil) … some like to be hot!
Brown Sugar Pepper BACON 7
Three QUESADILLAS ~ choose black bean & corn or chorizo 9
Pomegranate SALAD w arugula, almonds, golden raisins & queso fresco 9 ….add a skewer of Shrimp 8
Chips Platter ~ salsa verde, pico de gallo & guacamole 10.5
Potato CHIP-FRIES w sea salt & rosemary (peanut oil) 7
Beef FLAUTAS & Avocado Cilantro Cream 8.5
House-smoked Chicken WINGS w fiery yucatán dipping sauce 12.5
Argentinian EMPANADAS of savory beef & raisins w chimichuri 12.5


Pork TACOS w avocado 12.5
Sweet Potato & Yam TACOS W chipotle aioli, w vegan or pork chili 12.5
Fish TACOS of grilled local albacore tuna w cilantro pesto 15
Green Chile CHEESEBURGER* w chip-fries, chili or greens 15 1/2 lb ground chuck, house-roasted chile & local white cheddar
Smokey VEGGIEBURGER w chip-fries, chili or greens 13.5 … add bacon 4.5
CUBAN Pork Sandwich w chip-fries, chili or greens 15.5 slow-roasted pork, smoked ham, hot peppers, white cheese & mojo aioli


Tampiquena Steak ~ cheese, avocado, rice, tamulado, cilantro, salsa verde 16
Veggie ~ black beans, plantains, avocado, pico de gallo, cilantro 12
Sautéed Shrimp ~ w avocado, chayote slaw, mojo criollo, salsa fresca 14.5
Fresh Uli’s Chorizo ~ chayote slaw, cheese, tamulado, cilantro, salsa verde 14


Machaca Chicken w tomatillos & ancho chile 15.5


Tres Leches CAKE w brandy cherries & whip 9
SUNDAE w Abuelita Mexican Chocolate Ganache pistachio, dulce de leche & horchata ice cream, pumpkin seeds 9.5